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Born and raised in Oslo, Norway; this world-renowned singer has earned fantastic reviews for the amazing breadth, depth and maturity of her vocal talent that simply belies her young age.

Angelina’s videos have received over several billions views on YouTube and more than 4 billion views on Facebook.

Amazingly, her passion for music began at just one-and- a-half years of age when Angelina first saw Whitney Houston on YouTube performing I Will Always Love You. Whitney - and later Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington - became her first major musical influences.

At the age of seven, Angelina auditioned for Norway’s Got Talent performing Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday. She won the competition with the show drawing record TV audiences.


Not surprisingly, throughout her rising career, Angelina has featured in prominent media outlets including TIME, CNN, BBC, and People while also performing on the U.S. network TV shows Little Big Shots and The View.

In 2016, Avicii chose Angelina for the vocals on his worldwide Volvo commercial campaign, a brilliant cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. 

As well as singing before Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, charitable causes to which Angelina has given her talent include the Rainforest Alliance at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and Ein Herz für Kinder in Berlin where she helped raise over 21 Million Euros for children and families in need.

This multi-talented singing prodigy has also written a successful, illustrated children’s book in her native Norway making Angelina the youngest published author in the country’s history.


Based on the true story of when she was six years old, Angelina met a homeless, shoeless girl. After they talked for a long time, she gave the girl her shoes and vowed never to appear on stage again wearing shoes until all the world’s children had them. Since that time, Angelina has always performed barefoot in public.


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